Get Back to Nature this Summer! Stokke® Stroller Summer Kit Collection 2017

Stokke® Stroller Summer Kit Collection 2017 

February 2017 
This summer it´s all about discovery, storytelling and getting back to nature. Inspired by the beauty of green gardens and woodland animals, Stokke introduces a new pattern for our ingenious Stokke® Stroller Seat Summer Kit. Available in three enchanting new colours: Flora Pink, Flora Blue and Flora Green, the new pattern features flowers and animals on the interior that are sure to catch your baby´s eye. 
Sophisticated and subtle, the new Summer Kit, with its whimsical pattern is the perfect way to keep your baby entertained during your summer strolls. Use the animals and flowers to make up your own stories as you go. We cannot think of a better way to get back to nature this summer. 
Keeps your baby cool and protected 
The Summer Kit has been developed with your baby in mind to protect their sensitive skin on sunny days. Thoughtful details such as extra ventilation zippers for optimal air flow and fabrics with UPF 50+ protection keep your baby cool even in warm temperatures. The smart sunsail shades your baby from direct sunlight so that they won´t feel hot or uncomfortable while they rest in the shade. Summer Kit also includes a unique terry cloth seat cover to absorb moisture for cooling and comfort. The soft terry cloth cover comes in soft, complementary colours to complete the look. 

- Sunsail 

- Hood with visor 

- Rear Textile Cover 

- Seat Rail Cover 

- Terry Cloth Seat Cover 


The Summer Kit fits Stokke® Xplory® carry cot and on the seat unit of Stokke® Xplory®, Stokke® Crusiand Stokke® Trailz

Baby and Toddler Show 2 tickets to Giveaway

Win 2 tickets to The Baby and Toddler Show 2017

 Manchester (10th-12th March)
Sandown Park Surrey (7th-9th April)
Glasgow (5th-7th May)

The Spring shows this year will be taking place at EventCity, Manchester (10-12th March), Sandown Park, Surrey (7-9th April) and SEC, Glasgow (5-7th May). For more information about the shows and to see who will be exhibiting, please feel free to visit the website

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Monday March 20th heralds the 2017 Spring Equinox and when many households turn their thoughts to the traditional spring clean – the annual event when we attempt to rid our homes of clutter in the search for a calm, clean and tidy home environment. But with ever increasing demands on our time – how many of us are really able to carry out a traditional spring clean?

So Ora have come up with five quick spring cleaning tricks to make your home sparkle, shine and smell really good.

Tip 1: The Fridge
Use a toothbrush and toothpaste to scrub away any stains and simply wipe clean with an Ora sheet. Cut a lemon in half and put the two halves in your fridge, one on the bottom shelf and one on the top. The lemon will absorb any odours and give you a lemon fresh smell.

Tip 2: The Microwave
Pop a bowl of water with slices of lemon in the microwave and cook for five minutes. Simply, wipe away any dirt using an Ora sheet.

Tip 3: The Kettle
Fill the kettle with lemon juice a quarter of the way up and leave for an hour. Then, top up with water and boil. Before it cools, pour away the mixture and rinse out the kettle with several changes of cold water to remove any traces of lemon juice.

Tip 4: Window and Mirrors
Simply mix one tablespoon of white vinegar with two litres of water and pour into a used spray bottle. Squirt on the windows and mirrors and clean using an Ora sheet for a professional finish.

Tip 5: The Wardrobe
Place a bar or two of your favourite aromatic soap (with the paper wrapping on) into your wardrobe. It will scent your clothes for weeks.

Ora is the world’s first round-shaped household towel. Each sheet fits your hand perfectly for an effortless one-hand grab and offers countless uses beyond traditional household tasks. Its unique and innovative stacking design, with no cardboard inner tube, provides twice the number of sheets compared to a traditional paper towel roll. With no perforations it offers an easy one-hand grab so there is no tearing, no unravelling and no wastage making it an eco-friendlier purchase.

Ora is a product with a conscience that challenges the norm.

New Jersey Becomes First USA State with Universal Baby Box Programme

CAMDEN, NJ: January 26, 2017 -- The Baby Box Co., the company behind the global integrated program Baby Box University to improve family health-care outcomes and reduce Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome (SUIDS), today announced that New Jersey has become the first state where all expecting and new parents can receive a free Baby Box by completing online parenting education. The Baby Boxes, which are made from a durable cardboard, can be used as a baby’s bed for the first months of life. In 2017, the program will distribute approximately 105,000 Baby Boxes, ensuring that every expecting family in New Jersey has access to this free resource regardless of socioeconomic background.

In 2016, an estimated 93% of infant fatalities associated with Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome (SUIDS) were directly related to sleep and sleep environments, according to a report by the Child Fatality & Near Fatality Review Board (CFNFRB). The Baby Box program is a project of New Jersey’s CFNFRB utilizing a grant from the CDC (Center for Disease Control), which reviews fatalities and near fatalities of children in order to identify their causes, relationship to governmental support systems, and methods of prevention. Distribution partners where families can get their Baby Boxes include Cooper University Healthcare and Southern New Jersey Perinatal Cooperative among others. Parents can also choose to have their Baby Box delivered to their home.

“I’m grateful to the Child Fatality and Near Fatality Review Board for their efforts to promote infant safe sleep,” said Commissioner Blake of the New Jersey Department of Children and Families.  “Through greater awareness and education, and by working together, we can make sleep time safe time for babies.”

Cooper University Healthcare hospital helped develop the Baby Box University syllabus for New Jersey parents and is hosting a special Baby Box launch event today at Roberts Pavilion Lobby (main entrance), Cooper University Health Care, One Cooper Plaza, Camden, NJ 08103 from 10:30am-noon for staff and New Jersey families to mark the program’s commencement.

“As the chair of the New Jersey Child Fatality Near Fatality Review Board, every year we review instances in which infants die suddenly and unexpectedly,” said Kathryn McCans, MD, FAAP, an emergency department physician at Cooper University Health Care. “In a significant proportion of these deaths, an unsafe sleep circumstance is a contributing factor. Baby Box University will help families make safe and healthy choices for their children by educating them about simple changes that will decrease the risk that a death will occur due to an unsafe sleep environment or SIDS.”

How New Jersey New Parents Can Get Their Free Baby Box

It takes only 3 easy steps for New Jersey’s expecting and new parents to get their free Baby Box:

1. Register for free online at as a New Jersey resident. Be sure to include your correct contact information, including mailing address.

2. Watch the 10-15 minute New Jersey syllabus at After taking a short quiz, you will receive a certificate of completion and be able to select local pick-up or direct delivery of your Baby Box.

3. If you select direct delivery, your Baby Box will ship to the address you provided when you registered on Baby Box University. If you select local pick up, bring your Baby Box University certificate to the closest participating distribution partner to collect your Baby Box.

While parents appreciate the Baby Boxes and quality care products included, it is the educational component and closer communication with local healthcare providers that is at the center of the Baby Box University distribution model. Families will be required to view their community’s online curriculum related to prenatal health, breastfeeding, safe sleep practices and newborn care before receiving a free Baby Box. In this way, the Baby Box University program model pays its ultimate homage to the Finnish tradition, which is committed not just to universal product distribution, but to supporting families with access to healthcare and education.

Judy Donlen, RN, DNSc, JD, Executive Director of the Southern New Jersey Perinatal Cooperative said “The Baby Box initiative is a promising addition in ongoing efforts to reduce the tragedy of SIDS. We are especially excited about the benefits for new parents provided through Baby Box University, an innovative, electronic gateway to resources and information.” The Southern New Jersey Perinatal Cooperative is a launch partner and supports three distribution sites in the southern region of New Jersey.

The brands included in the Baby Boxes are also committed to the program’s education mission, with every product featuring a scientifically proven baby brain-boosting activity parents can do while using the item.

 “I’m so proud to share the Baby Box University program with expecting and new parents in New Jersey,” said Jennifer Clary, the CEO of The Baby Box Co., which is supplying New Jersey with the Baby Boxes and Baby Box University memberships. ”Every parent has a right to the necessary tools to care for their infant and every child deserves a safe and supported start in life. New Jersey officials and health professionals have come together in a collaboration which embodies this truth, ensuring that basic child-care resources and education are universally accessible to families statewide.”

All expecting parents living in New Jersey are eligible to receive a Baby Box which includes newborn essentials such as Pampers Swaddlers diapers, Pampers baby wipes, Vroom activity cards from theBezos Family Foundation, Lansinoh breast pads and nipple cream for breastfeeding mothers, onesie, and more.

The Baby Box Movement
According to a recent study by the American Academy of Pediatrics, which draws on current research and serves as the first update to the Academy policy since 2011, approximately 3,500 infants die annually in the United States from sleep-related deaths, including sudden unexpected infant death (SUID); ill-defined deaths; and accidental suffocation and strangulation. The number of infant deaths initially decreased in the 1990s after a national safe sleep campaign, but has plateaued in recent years.

The use of Baby Boxes has been credited with helping Finland achieve one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates. The initiative, which enables every expecting woman in the country to claim a free Baby Box once she receives prenatal care and parenting information from a healthcare professional, is credited with helping to decrease Finland’s infant mortality rate from 65 deaths for each 1,000 children born in 1938 to 1.3 deaths per 1,000 births in 2013, according to the World Health Organization.

The success of the Finnish Baby Box intervention inspired the founders of The Baby Box Co. to adapt this tradition with enhanced multimedia parenting curricula through Baby Box University to the benefit of nonprofits, hospitals, government institutions and individual families worldwide. The Baby Box University program’s exponential growth has solidified the model as an impactful safe sleep and parenting education intervention for millennials.

About The Baby Box Co.
Entrepreneurs Michelle Vick and Jennifer Clary founded The Baby Box Co. to offer a safe sleep environment to babies everywhere. The Baby Box Co. is an innovative, integrated program to support parents and improve maternal and infant healthcare outcomes globally. The Baby Box Co. partners with hospitals, government agencies and nonprofit organizations to provide Baby Boxes, quality products, resources and ongoing education to families on a large scale. Baby Boxes are also available direct to consumer either as a standalone item or filled with new baby essentials. Serving families in 52 countries, The Baby Box Co. has offices in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. For more information or to purchase a Baby Box, please visit

Skip Hop ‘Uplift’ into Baby Bouncers

Bringing families closer together with their latest addition to its “Must-Haves Made Better” Skip Hop launches the Uplift Baby Bouncer.

The lifestyle brand devoted to designing innovative “Must-Haves Made Better” products for parents, babies and children, is launching into the bouncer category with the Uplift Baby Bouncer. Designed to naturally integrate baby with the family and create those uplifting moments, it’s the only all-in-one bouncer that starts as a traditional floor bouncer and can be elevated to sofa height – or any level in between. From life around the dinner table to giving mum a minute to get the chores done, the Uplift Baby Bouncer keeps baby in-sight, engaged and safely supported.

With a modern, neutral colour palette and beautifully streamlined look, the Uplift Baby Bouncer fits into any contemporary home. A wide, steady base and security harness ensures ultimate safety, while the handy knob puts parents in control of the exact height.

The Uplift Baby Bouncer also provides a multi-sensory environment that keeps baby actively engaged. It is designed to boost motor skills by using baby’s own movements to create a natural bouncing effect. The toy bar keeps baby entertained and engaged, then tucks away when not in use. As well, delight baby with two songs and two sound effects (with volume control), and soothing vibration—all of which has an auto-off feature after 20 minutes. The plush, 100 percent cotton jersey insert – easy to remove and washable—supports younger babies and can be detached as baby grows. With no assembly required, the bouncer is ready for immediate use for babies up to 6 months.

Dedicated to elevating family moments, the Uplift Baby Bouncer will be available in January 2017 at select retailers nationwide including John Lewis and

Chalkola premium wet wipe markers | Review |

We are a big lover of chalks we use them on our black board wall, on the patio in the summer & on our chalkboard easel. 
When Chalkola contacted me with these brilliant markers I was so excited to receive them to review. 
These pens can be used on :
- All hard non porous surfaces
- Glass
- Whiteboards
- Mirrors 
- Plastics
- Chalkboards
 - Ceramics

They are :
- Child safe
- Water based
- Non toxic
- Washes off from clothes (huge bonus!)
- Low odor
- Acid free
- Xylene free
- Quick dry
- Long lasting 

We've been using them so much, we have a glass conservatory & the children are enjoying decorating the windows for Christmas. 

Discount for my lovely Readers

Coupon Code - 20OFFSTR

This is Emilyn drawing her Christmas tree last night. 
You can see her wiping off the previous drawing using a wet wipe & then drawing her xmas tree. 

Stokke® Trailz™ Special Edition Nordic Green

For Autumn 2016, Stokke introduces everything you need for beautiful adventures in the great outdoors.

Stokke® Trailz™ Special Edition Nordic Green combines functionality with true Scandinavian style. Inspired by the beauty of northern forests, it is as robust and rugged as it is elegant.
Here in Norway, we have a deep appreciation for the stunning landscape that surrounds us. We think that the best life is one in which both parents and children connect with nature and with each other. Much of our free time is spent combining our two great passions by taking our children outdoors to explore nature´s wonders together. Our designers have outdone themselves, making Stokke® Trailz™ Special Edition Nordic Green perfect for active families who love the outdoors – no matter the weather and to enjoy life the Scandinavian way.
Soft green fibers, woven together with lighter, neutral fibers give a rich melange look to the water repellent textiles used exclusively for this stroller. A coordinating chalk grey inlay gives added comfort while a convenient storm cover provides extra warmth and protection from the elements. Additional features include a leather-look handle with hand-stitched details that really stand out. Our designers have also included a classic plaid picnic blanket that attaches directly to the chassis.

Premium from top to bottom, Stokke® Trailz™ Special Edition Nordic Green is outfitted with everything you need to enjoy adventures together in the city or on the town.

This luxury ride also includes large, air filled Terrain wheels, allowing you to enjoy strolling with your baby, in all terrain and all seasons with the Stokke® Trailz™ Special Edition Nordic Green.

Stokke® Trailz™ Special Edition Nordic Green includes:

* Trailz chassis with terrain wheel
* Leather look handle
* Stroller Seat in Nordic Green
* Picnic Blanket
* Changing Bag
* Seat Inlay in Chalk Grey
* Storm Cover in Nordic Green
* Carry Cot in coordinating Nordic Green
* Classic wheel set as an accessory for added flexibility and customization

Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair – Make it Personal

Introducing complimentary name engraving - making the chair that grows with your child, just for your child. 

Engrave your Tripp Trapp® for a lasting impression. 
Your child is one of a kind, so why not give them something that is as unique as they are? In addition to a wide of variety of colours and accessories, Stokke® is pleased to offer families the complimentary option of engraving the back of their Tripp Trapp® chair with their child´s name.

As parents-to-be, one of the first things we dream about is the name we will choose for the precious little person entering our lives. Engraving Tripp Trapp® is a meaningful way to let your child know that their chair has been made just for them.

When you share the name you would like on your chair, the back rail will be laser engraved. Once finished, it can be used both as the top and bottom back rail of your Tripp Trapp® chair. The engraving is treated with a special oil to make certain the wood is sealed so that it will look good for years to come.

Engraving will be available on in selected markets from November 2016 and in Stokke´s flagship stores from October 2016.

Tripp Trapp® 

The chair that grows with the child.™ From birth. 
Tripp Trapp® is one of Scandinavia’s most recognizable designs. Ever since it was created by 
Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik in 1972, millions of children have enjoyed their meals, drawn, played and grown-up in Tripp Trapp® chairs. 
Today, as then, the intelligent, adjustable design allows freedom of movement with both depth- and height adjustable seat- and footplates. When adjusted correctly, your child is ensured a comfortable and ergonomic seating position at any age.

Rockabye-baby | Funky, High Quality Baby and Kids Clothes | REVIEW |

Nelly has been sent these beautiful bling bling bibs. 
I think her face says it all - she loves them. 
Rockabye Originals have put together a very special range, the new gold range has limited edition sets of sleep suits and bibs.


Nelly is just 7 months old and the typical dribbling everywhere has started. The size of the bibs are brilliant big enough to cover the whole top half. 
I also love that you can dress baby in a plain coloured top, yet the bib adds just enough glam and sparkle. 

Nelly wears hers so much and they wash brilliantly well. 
The quality is fabulous. Soft and thick. 

Emma (the business owner) is a busy working mum of two. She's been working on the brand Rockabye Originals

I love that this is British kids and baby clothes brand.

The new range of designs includes Gold guitarsBowie style Lightning strike bibs even a gold tuxedo suit with real gold bow tie! They are definitely something different. 

Bibs are just £14.50 and come ready gift boxed as do the Sleep suits that are £30 and start from 0-3 months to 4-6 years.

All are made of a luxury super soft cotton and perfect for that "crystal" baby in your life. 

This original gold lightning strike design on black is for your BLING baby with style

Description from the website - 
A luxury, double thickness, soft baby bib with gold print lightning strike ready gift packaged in a neutral gift box. 

This is the perfect gift for the alternative rock n' roll baby. 

Why not treat that special small person in your life & buy online at:
not forgetting

I'll be sure to order more for Nelly

Social media here - 

*Disclaimer - I was sent this for the purpose of the review, however all thoughts & opinions are my own. 

Keep your baby warm with Stokke Stroller Winter Kit.

Keep your baby warm the Scandinavian way.

Keep your baby warm with Stokke® Stroller® Winter Kit.
Stokke introduces Winter Kit Collection 2016 with new colour Bronze Brown & a Winter Kit just for Stokke® Scoot®.

For Winter 2017, we have designed this season’s most functional and beautiful outerwear…for your Stokke® stroller. The Winter Kit is a stylish way to keep your baby warm when temperatures drop. Your child will stay snug and protected from cold weather and wind, while enjoying the wonders of winter. We have been thinking of you as well; warm mittens that attach to the stroller handle with genuine sheepskin rims and soft fleece lining keep your hands toasty during your strolls together.

The 2016 Winter Kit Collection for the seat of Stokke® Crusi™, Stokke® Trailz™ and the Seat and Carry Cot of Stokke® Xplory® includes sleek quilted detailing and is available in Pearl White, Onyx Black and brand new Bronze Brown. The textiles have a subtle shine for a sophisticated look. Our designers have carefully coordinated absolutely everything you need to stay warm and look hot this winter!

Also new for this season are Winter Kits for our smart, urban, Stokke® Scoot®.

Perfect for winter shopping, excursions in the city and stylish strolls, no matter where you go. The Stokke® Scoot® Winter Kit is the Scandinavian way to accessorize your stroller and give you and your baby some added warmth.

Included are a sporty, yet classic plaid canopy, removeable handmuffs for mum and dad and a transparent shopping bag to hold any extras you need when scooting around the city! The plaid pattern we´ve selected for this great new accessory has been inspired by the casual look of an Aspen lodge and cozy evenings nestling by the fire with friends on snowy winter nights.

They are:
Flannel Red
Flannel Grey

Stokke® Scoot® Winter Kit Includes:
Shopping Bag

Stokke® Scoot™ Winter Kit Fits:
Fits all Stokke® Scoot™ models produced after September 2014

The Winter Kit for the seat of Stokke® Crusi™, Stokke® Trailz™ and the Seat and Carry Cot of Stokke® Xplory® Includes:

* Hood with detachable genuine sheepskin rim
* Rear textile cover
* Storm cover
* Sheepskin brush
* Mittens for the parent

The Winter Kit fits the seat of Stokke® Crusi™, Stokke® Trailz™ and the Seat and Carry Cot of Stokke® Xplory®.

Stokke® Down Sleeping Bag We also launch the Down Sleeping bag in Bronze colours to complete the look.
Made of light feathery down, and lined with fleece to keep your baby warm and comfortable in cold weather.

Images can be downloaded from here:

Fresh food at newly refurbished Strada Horsham | Review |

Last week I was asked if I wanted to review the lovely Strada restaurant in Horsham, West Sussex (my local town) 
Since Nelly was born *7 months ago tomorrow* cannot believe it, well the Mr & I haven't had a moments peace since, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to have an evening out together completely child free. I also love food, I'm a complete foodie. You're probably aware of that if you follow my Instagram. 
Olives to start

We booked our table for 7pm - I would always book ahead to avoid disappointment. 
The restaurant looks great.

Actually it looks better than great it is GORGEOUS! 

Autumn has officially arrived and to celebrate they've given one of our much-loved restaurants a sparkle. They've managed to combine the freshness of the menus with a new contemporary look and feel at the Horsham site. The refurbished restaurant still boasts the warmth and vibrancy that embodies all things Strada, but is ready to sparkle this autumn/winter season. 

For our Starters we had 
Crispy Squid - Crispy fried squid with caper mayonnaise and sweet paprika
Tricolore - A classic Italian dish, made with fresh tomatoes, soft avocado and rich buffalo mozzarella. Finished with green pesto and toasted pine nuts.

Crispy Squid Starter Strada

Tricolore Starter from Strada.
AStrada, they've got the best Italian comfort food made with fresh, local ingredients. From the hand pulled pizzas made daily like the Vesuvio, with tomato, morzarella, smashed n’duja sausage, spicy salami, red chillies and smoked peppers, through to our pastas. The Veal Tortelloni is a favourite on the menu right now, prosciutto and veal filled parcels in a creamy butter and sage sauce.
Or take a look at the meat and fish selections with an Autumn favourite, Pollo Cacciatora, grilled chicken fillet in a rich tomato, mushroom and pancetta sauce, served over fresh rosemary potatoes or the Roast Sea Bass, whole ‘canoed’ sea bass stuffed with thyme roasted fennel, served with rocket, herby potatoes and olive oil. - This was my main the Sea Bass was mouth watering.

For mains we ordered the Vesuvio pizza & the Sea Bass.
We thoroughly enjoyed our mains, the pizza was delicious & the Sea bass was amazing.
I love that Strada only use FRESH fish too.
Nothing is frozen & you can really tell whilst eating it.

Deciding what to order for dessert.

Not to leave out the indulgent desserts, we had the chocolate fondant, oozing chocolate pudding with salted caramel ice cream and the lemon ricotta baked cheesecake, rippled with tangy lemon curd, blueberry compote and crumbled pavlova.

The chocolate fondant tasted just like eating dairy milk buttons *YUM*
The lemon ricotta baked cheesecake was great, I'm a sucker for cheesecake.

The atmosphere : 
The atmosphere was great, lovely & relaxed. 
The staff were fantastic very welcoming & friendly.
I would love to go back.

The house Rose was lovely! 

Love the quirky lighting.

Inside Strada in Horsham

I think people quickly forget how important couple time together is, we've been married coming up to 6 years & three children later... we barely see each other and if we do go out for dinner 9 times out of 10 the three smalls come along with us, though Strada would of been extremely accommodating for our children it was so refreshing to go out child free and enjoy each others company.
Strada made us relax & enjoy our time out the house. 

Coffee to finish.

We couldn't finish our evening without a coffee. 
Good coffee too! 

Would we recommend?  
Yes! Of course I would you can take a peek of the Strada Menu HERE

Disclosure: We were guests of Strada and so our meals and drinks were complimentary.  As ever, my views remain honest and I wasn’t obliged to write anything positive. 


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