Me & my Talipes Baby : The things I missed.

This morning I attended a 'bringing baby home' antenatal group.
I knew as it wasn't I who was having a baby I'd have to bite my tongue.
Seeing as though I've had two babies I thought It'd be a bit of fresh air listening to what the experts say.
& it was, I sat there thinking back to Emilyn's birth our skin on skin straight away her latching on & having her first ever feed within minutes.

Then I started to think about Hugo to just how different things were & not necessarily due to him being a Talipes baby.

My labour was totally different much quicker & more stressful, I never had that skin on skin like I did Emilyn I had to wait over 3 hours to cuddle him.

As he was my second baby I felt the hospital simply just wanted me out of the ward, they didn't ask to see him feeding... they asked I said ok but he had only fed a few minutes & then went back to sleep.

As he was born with Talipes the nurses all wanted to have a peek at his feet??

Little did we know then he was in fact tongue tied. (He didn't get it fixed till he was about 4 months old)

Now some silly things that niggled me whilst sitting there supporting my friend.

How to change a babies nappy - Yep simple enough "hold their little feet together" in our case with Hugo it was lifting one cast up at a time to get his nappy changed then with his boots and bar on it was lifting the bar up.

Remember my new born was set in casts up to his hips at just 5 days old.

Then the first bath - Well Hugo's first bath was in the hospital getting his first casts off. Nothing normal about that

How to swaddle your baby - There wasn't any swaddling going on with Hugo & the casts believe me...

Co-sleeping ... for us Co-sleeping was never a real option. have you tried to sleep in bed with a baby wearing boots and bar???

Obviously the silly things like baby grows I so missed not being able to snuggle my baby!

I don't know I sound like a right grumpy cow. I feel like our first 6 months was somehow taken from me.

I honestly wouldn't change Hugo at all, he's my little happy feeter.
I think it just struck a cord with me, with the whole thing of not every baby is as 'straight forward' as the lady was saying.

I was really behaved & didn't say a word. I literally felt like I was having an argument in my head to keep my mouth shut.

P.S hope this makes sense day 3 of a migraine ....

H wearing boots and bar Talipes.

Festive Christmas Jumpers for her 2014

Wow this is my third year in a row I've blogged Christmas Jumpers for her.

First year we saw Festive Jumpers for her 2012
Second year we saw Festive Jumpers for her 2013

This year I've found these.... (Love heart eyes)


ASOS Christmas Tree Jumper £30

ASOS Co-ord Christmas Jumper With Eskimo Fairisle £30
H&M Jacquard-knit jumper £24.99

Grey snowflake and reindeer jumper £28.50
Light pink sequin fawn jumper £24
South Sheep with Santa Hat Christmas Jumper £20
Love Label Nice Baubles Christmas Sweatshirt £20
South Sequin Rudolph Christmas Jumper £16
Snowman Christmas Jumper £15
Christmas Reindeer Jumper £15
Gingerbread Jersey Sweater £26

Yumi Christmas Fox Jumper £58
Fat Face Orkney Christmas Tree Jumper £42
The most Christmas Jumpers I've ever seen on why not take a look yourself? 

Markus Lupfer £325*Harrods
Michael Kors £135 *Harrods
Dickins & Jones Knit Sheep Intarsia Jumper £39 *on sale*
Dorothy Perkins Embellished Kissing Penguin Jumper £25.20 *on sale*

Biba Sequin Front Sweat £48.50 *on sale*

Rudolf Jumper Sports Direct £13
Ladies Grey Reindeer Stag Sweat Top Jumper £5
Xmas Jumper Sweater Unisex Dress Tunic Rudolph Reindeer Nordic Knitted Fairisle Classic Retro Vintage Novelty By Catch 22 from £7.99 - 27.99

You can also find Festive children's christmas jumpers 2014 here & later next week I'll bring you Festive Jumpers for him this Christmas.

Dentyl Active Mouthwash *Review

I've been reviewing these two mouthwash Dentyle Active plaque fighters for the past few weeks. 
Wow what can I say? Amazing. 

Here are some facts:

FACT 1: Alcohol free Dentyl Active has a distinctive working action. The advanced alcohol free formula consists of two stages: a water-based phase incorporating a special antibacterial agent (Cetylpyridinium Chloride - CPC), and an oil-based solution with natural essential oils, that has to be shaken well before use.

FACT 2: This shaking action combines the two mouthwash phases and creates a dynamic solution which is much more powerful than the two individual parts. The bacteria and debris adhere to the mouthwash solution and when it is rinsed out you can see the bacteria, food debris and other deposits on the teeth removed and highlighted as small, brightly coloured masses in the sink, proving that Dentyl Active really works. And thanks to the special antibacterial ingredient CPC in Dentyl Active, it also helps stop bacteria from working.

FACT 3: Alcohol free Dentyl Active can reduce plaque levels by 25% post brushing.
100% recommend.

Where to buy from.

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