Wish Upon A Star with Hibou Home's Magical NEW Wallpaper Collection‏

After months of anticipation In The White Room is delighted to introduce Hibou Home’s gorgeous new children’s wallpaper collections for 2015, starting with their fabulous Stars range. Offering a contemporary yet sophisticated take on the classic star design, the beautiful print features a combination of differently sized stars that have been sporadically placed for a truly unique and captivating look.
Available in three stylish shades including an on-trend dusky pink Blush, shimmering Silver and a celestial Stellar Blue, the dreamy colour palette will coordinate wonderfully with today’s modern home and inspire a new generation of star gazers. The Silver and Stellar Blue colourways feature a subtle metallic finish on the stars creating a delightful twist within the sophisticated designs. 

Designed and made in England, the luxury children’s brand’s new non-woven 'paste the wall' wallpaper is truly versatile and will suit all ages of astronomers from babies and toddlers through to teenagers and beyond, as many adults may also find it hard to resist the collection’s minimalist Scandi charm!
To view the full collection visit www.hibouhome.com
T: +44 (0)1580 243188 

Secret Garden Wallpaper
Available in Blush/White, Silver/White and Stellar Blue/White.
£70 per roll based on:
Roll Width: 52cm
Roll Length: 10 metres
Pattern Repeat: 64cm half drop

The right shoes for a five year old. *Wedding prep #HardingsBlessing2015

Monsoon shoes wedding
Shoe shopping. My FAVOURITE thing to do.
To make this even more fun is I get to go shoe shopping with my daughter. My daughter who's five & has asked me for 'high heels' for the wedding. Oh my goodness. I have my work cut out to try & get her something suitable to match her age & not her shoe size.
So we spent our Sunday in beautiful Brighton, I love Brighton. 
I was disappointed by the lack of nice girly shoes from most the usual shops we visited, I knew Monsoon wouldn't let us down though. They also had a sale on.
We bee-lined straight towards the shoes. So many of them had little heels on. SO CUTE. 
Trying on shoes from Monsoon

Trying on shoes

Trying on shoes

Trying on shoes
With the wedding less than 6 weeks away now, we really needed to get cracking with getting stuff done. 
With the words 'stuff' I practically mean EVERYTHING. 

They all fitted beautifully. The prices were 70% off. Bargains!!

Pretty in pink.

Shiny gold

Glittery shoes

She was so excited. 
With the huge price discounts we agreed she was able to pick two new shoes.

She found this cute flower head band & got this too.

Ready to pay for her shoes. She was so excited.

Her wedding shoes.

Recommend Monsoon for wedding shoes. These are so perfect.
We got these in the sale both pairs with change from a £20. 
Fab fab fab. 

Create the perfect space for work and play with Shelfstore

Create the perfect space for work and play with Shelfstore

Pictured is Shelstore's solid wood shelving
which is perfect for a study of bedroom
It's easy to ensure that every part of your home feels organised and inspiring with bespoke shelving solutions from Shelfstore. Whether you want to design a room that encourages children to do their homework at the end of a busy school day, or if you need the ideal office area, the collection of attractive modular shelving, cabinets, bookcases, drawers and desks from Shelfstore will make it easy to achieve the perfect set up.
Made from attractive solid wood that is sanded and varnished, the timeless designs from Shelfstore are easy to assemble and install. Using the online 3D Design Wizard, you can conjure up an ergonomic and attractive work area in an instant - designed to suit you exactly. No area is too awkward to fit as the Shelfstore solution is surprisingly flexible. Choose from modular shelving in six depths and seven widths to match upright measures in eight heights and six depths; all can be moved by every 5th cm to fit exact dimensions. A 50cm deep x 80cm-wide shelf will carry an impressive 100 kilos, and you can add doors, drawers and desks, so items such as books, files and stationery can be compactly stored resulting in a streamlined and contemporary feel.   
With 30 years' experience in creating beautiful custom-made solutions, Shelfstore celebrates the best in Swedish design to help you achieve a practical and stylish working area that's ultimately an enjoyable space to be.
Design the ideal storage solution at www.shelfstore.co.uk and find inspiration from the 75 demo videos available online.
For further information on Shelfstore, please visit www.shelfstore.co.uk or call 01628 78 26 42.

Vax launches UK’s first domestic multi-function pressure washer + steam cleaner

Vax launches UK’s first domestic multi-function pressure washer + steam cleaner
Britain’s leading floorcare brand* unveils the UK’s first domestic multi-function pressure washer, delivering a high pressure water jet and hot steam. 
Pressure washers are great for blasting away dirt and grime from all sorts of outdoor surfaces, while a steam cleaner gives you the extra performance you only get from a hot clean. Now you can combine the two, as Vax’s new 2-in-1 Powerwash Plus Steam is a powerful 2000W pressure washer with an in-built steam cleaner, giving you both functions in one easy to use machine. 

Its dual function makes it ideal for barbeques, children’s play equipment and outdoor animal areas; once you’ve used the high pressure jet to clean away stubborn dirt, you can switch to steam mode for a blast of hot steam.**  Or if your patio is in need of a spring clean, the washer quickly blasts away green algae, helping to restore its original colour, while the steam function is ideal for cleaning tables and other patio furniture. 
Mounted on wheels for easy transportation, the Powerwash Plus Steam is so versatile that once you’ve started cleaning you won’t want to stop. You can also use it on vehicles, driveways, wooden fences, sheds, decking, brickwork, masonry, rubbish bins, guttering and much more. With its long hose and cable giving a total reach of 11 metres, you can keep cleaning for longer without having to move it around. It’s designed to be very simple to operate, with an easy-squeeze trigger on the hand gun and a built-in safety lock.


 A selection of add-on accessories are also available including a Car Kit and Patio Kit with specialist cleaning brushes, and a range of pressure washer cleaning detergents to help remove stubborn dirt from different surfaces. You’ll always have the right tool for the job too, as the included accessories store away neatly on the machine. There’s a lance and jet nozzle to dislodge dirt from all types of surface while the higher pressure turbo nozzle is great for blasting away really tough dirt and for removing old paint. For loosening dirt, moss and grime before you wash, use the detergent nozzle to apply detergent directly to the area.
The Vax Powerwash Plus Steam 2000W pressure washer is available from major retailers for RRP £279.99. For more information about Vax pressure washers visit VAX/pressure-washers

Win a Breville Traditional Kettle in cream * Giveaway

How would you like to win one of these gorgeous kettles, the Breville Traditional Kettle in cream, this traditional-style kettle has a 3kw fast boil element for a quick cuppa and 360 degree base for let and right hand use. 
I love kettles, I've got to really, I love hot drinks. I really think the perfect kettle perfects the perfect kitchen though. With the 3kw fast boil element it's really something to get quite excited over, don't you think? 

UK & Ireland entrees only unfortunately. 
Please go & like my Facebook page & follow myself on twitter, so you can keep up with other giveaways & wedding preparation (Of course)

Uncover storage space you never knew existed with Shelfstore

Uncover storage space you never knew existed with Shelfstore

Pictured is Shelfstore's modular shelving which is
perfect for understairs and tough-to-fit spaces
In her book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying, Japan's expert declutterer, Marie Kondo, says: "The key to successful tidying is to tackle your home in the correct order, to keep only the things you really love and to do it all at once - and quickly." As sound as this advice may be, an equally effective way to give your home a new lease of life this season - without having to discard anything you may want to store for future use - is to rethink the areas in which you would normally house shelving. Swedish design company, Shelfstore, has a range of beautiful bespoke storage solutions that can fit even the most awkward of corners and utilise every inch of space such as under the stairs or below a slanted roof. These places can be transformed to create an attractive and practical storage area in an instant.
Using the online 3D Design Wizard tool on www.shelfstore.co.uk, you can design the perfect storage solution from a range of modular shelving, cabinets and bookcases with doors, drawers, desks and more to accommodate every space. There are shelves in six depths and seven widths to match upright measures in eight heights and six depths. A 50cm deep x 80cm-wide shelf will carry an impressive 100k. Easily adjustable, the shelves can be moved in 5cm increments to match the area perfectly. This speedy solution from Shelfstore, which is easy to assemble and fit and can be ordered online for next-day delivery, will stand the test of time as it is made from solid wood that is finely sanded and varnished for a beautiful finish.
Visit www.shelfstore.co.uk to create your ideal storage space and find inspiration from the 75 demo videos.

Lemsip is getting me through

Typically I had 'booked' this week off to get busy with Wedding stuff. Then yesterday i woke up with a streaming cold. Urgh you know that saying 'I'm full of cold.' I looked crap. Crappity crap carp.
No amount of make up would of made me look better either.
This week I should of started posting out invitations. (Yep sorry about that, you'll get yours soon)
It seems whenever I try to get organised. Getting poorly gets in the way.
Those of you that know me personally, will understand I hate being poorly. Urgh after having bad M.E for over 7 years not being able to get out of bed for weeks. I hate being ill. I hate the feeling of needing someone else to help me through. I once & only once blogged bravely about my M.E I struggle to talk about it, I hate people thinking i'm moaning all the time.
Truth is If I over do things I get really poorly, My glands swell to double the size & my brains feel like there about to burst out of my head, The migraines mean I literally need to lay down & not move.
Majority of my poorlyness is lack of sleep, stress & being too busy. However I love my life & I'd be so bored if I slowed too much down too quickly.
So yesterday & today has been annoyingly spent resting. Feeling sorry for myself. Eating a whole bag of mini eggs & Jelly babies. Urgh I'm feeling it now.
Tonight Mr.H & I are off to the first of six meetings about 'getting married' we are going on a wedding/married course, to learn more about each other. I'm quite excited, exhausted all ready.
Thank goodness for lemsip & herbal tea.
Thank goodness also for Alice in Wonderland keeping Hugo & I amused. I'm so lucky to have such a film buff three year old. (P.S he's doing amazing at this toilet training stuff. Over 24 hours dry now) Proud mummy.

Oh 'Crap' I've become one of 'those' parents - Potty Training

Why, What, When?
Did I become one of 'those' parents who take a potty around in the car & allow their child to use it in a car park. 
Today. I joined the gang of one of 'those' parents today. Hands over face. 

Nothing & I mean NOTHING strikes terror in the heart of parents more than these two words : Potty Training.  
Any kind of change in routine is a challenge. It even seems perhaps terrifying for yourself or even your toddler. You add poop & pee into the mix & you know thats recipe for disaster. 

Ha can you tell i'm not a big fan of the potty training stage? I believe when your child is ready they'll let you know. Emilyn my eldest was easy I can say that Hugo was only 4 months old when Emilyn decided she wanted to wear knickers. I was petrified. Having her in nappies was relatively easy. But she insisted & I wasn't going to say no to her. She blogged about it here. To be fair she's fab & holding her pee in until she's able to go, so I never had the issue with taking the potty out in the car with us. 
Hugo though I'm thinking the potty will be in the car a while yet. The reassurance that we have the potty, helps me & think it also helps Hugo relax too, knowing he has it with us. 

Hugo has been dry all night for months literally, if he wears nappies they're empty & now for the past week he has been in pants & not had one accident. 
This is totally his choice though. I would prefer to keep him in nappies for my own sanity!! Oh god I'm a horrible MUMMY! I know. 
I think it's just Hugo has been an on & off potty trainer for the past year. All his choice. When the going gets tough. Well I shove a nappy back on him. Today however. He's been at preschool all morning & came home with the same pants & trousers on. 
I know potty training takes perseverance, I know I know I know. This is how I become one of those Parents. POTTY TRAINING IS HARD WORK. I know he's ready. I just need to work with him. I suppose its a bit like toilet training a puppy. She was relatively easy though. Our Cavapoo Puppy Coco of course she was only easy because I put the hard work in & took her outside every 20 minutes. I'm thinking this is what I'm going to have to do with Hugo. 
Well lets see how he goes. He is three now after all. 

New online baby group makes it simple for parents to share and learn - Mamazou

January 19, 2015 – Mamazou is a new online baby group for parents.  Its worldwide members can share experiences, chat openlyask questions then get encouragement, support and guidance in return.  

Navigating the uncluttered site is simplethere are three headings to click: Forum, Home, and Groups.  These lead you to a variety of topics ranging from bi-lingual babies, fit mummiesrecipes, book clubs, baby led weaning and even celebrity gossip.  
The website is the brainchild of Jennifer Raymond who set it up after being unable to find anything similar which was simply designed and easy to navigateWe are so busy as parents, that we really don’t have the time to navigate through congestion to find what we need,” she said, “there are plenty of business-style parenting websites that post news articles and doctor recommendations for parents, but none that allow parents to converse openly. Mamazou is that space.” 
Photo caption L-R: Mamazou creator, Jennifer Raymond with her husband Adam and their babyHayley

About Mamazou 
Mamazou was created to bring parents and parents-to-be (from across the world) together to share their knowledge, advice and experiences. It’s designed to become a close knit and down-to-earth community offering members access to forums, groups and blogs. Mamazou is a place to talk, laugh, vent, share recipes, win competitions and much more.    

Up-cycling the shoebox with seat.

It's up-cycling Tuesday today I show you my shoebox. 
This shoebox has been in my life since I was about 4 years old I would say. It was my Mothers but when they moved houses 11 or so years ago the shoebox was left in the dining room corner & used as toy storage, board games mostly. 

I had so much fun up-cycling this. 
I sanded it briefly then used Annie Sloan old white, I used three layers of it. 
Let it try then waxed it.
I felt the cushion looked a bit dated so used hessian fabric to recover it.

It probably took me a day to finish it fully. 
I'm so happy with the way it looks now. 

I wonder what I'll up cycle next. 

7 week countdown.Planning for Wedding Blessing in full swing

7 weeks to get pretty much EVERYTHING done. 
Yep. Hands over face. I'm been so relaxed about it all it's kind of gone straight over my head.
Not intentionally. Nope. 
Just with 2014 flying by & I just kept thinking oh March 2015 will be ages away. 
Ha! Now I'm starting to think I have A LOT to do in quite a short amount of time. 
With life going on too. 
So I'm going to apologise now If you don't hear from me for a few days/weeks. Though I enjoy typing away. And I enjoy keeping up with my life on the blog. I will totally do my best. 
After our Blessing we will be going to DISNEYLAND. Totally excited. I will be sure to blog about meeting Minnie & Micky Mouse. 
This week we have been picking out what dresses E will be wearing on the day. 
She likes the idea or she thinks I should say really that it's her wedding day. She pleaded me to find her a veil. I found this perfect one from Monsoon. 
Also some amazing dresses from Monsoon SALE. I love love love a good sale. 
I promise to try to keep you all updated. 
Can't believe it's just 7 weeks away!

Hugo's 3. "I'm big now!" and the 'trembling threes'

We celebrated Hugo's third birthday last week. 

We had a lovely day celebrating H's big day. He was very spoilt by beautiful gifts. 

Since Hugo's been three however his tantrums are now immense. Like totally out of this world! 
Terrible twos are nothing compared to trembling threes! 

Hugo is now convinced he's a 'big boy' that he is capable of doing anything & everything.
It's very sweet but also very draining. 
We spent 20 minutes explaining to him that even though yes he is big but he isn't big enough for the drop slide! Oh my goodness it's suddenly very hard work. 
I dread to think what he will be like once he's four. 

Every response is "but I'm big now" 

Coco was enjoying the keyboard

All Hugo wanted for his birthday was a football cake. Very sweet.

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