Up-Cycling a Pallet Recycle things around you - The Pallet Table

Have you ever looked around you & seen so many different purposes for random things? We seem to have pallets everywhere, So i'm always trying to find new ways to use them for our everyday life. 

The Pallet Table 
the simplest of some of the ideas it really is just putting four casters on the base of the pallet. 
Its perfect for the children in the garden or bring it indoors for a coffee table.
Hugo loves his pallet table
Last year I put together The Pallet Day Bed
Pallet day bed for the garden
Pallet Table 

The Pallet Table

Pallet Table

Pallet Table 

Easter Egg hunt in the Woods Easter Monday

As yesterday was such a total wash out, when we woke up this morning to such beautiful sunshine it was the perfect timing to do the woodland easter egg hunt... 
 The Easter Bunny has been busy! 

*I have a confession - I totally re-used their eggs from yesterdays egg hunt, there is absolutely no point adding to their chocolate collection... 
They had the best time, hunting through the bluebells....

Hope you all had a really lovely Easter weekend 

Talipes awareness Birth Defects Our feature in Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine

Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine Talipes clubfoot 

I'm a Mummy on a mission - My mission to create as much awareness world wide for Talipes as I quite possibly can. 

When a journalist tweeted out asking for parents with children with birth defects such as clubfoot I found my twitter feed full of people recommending me ( I was so overwhelmed ) 
It was such an amazing opportunity

I wanted to stay as positive as possible but also explain what it's like to have a Talipes baby. 

Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine Talipes clubfoot 

I'm really happy with the published story. The journalist was amazing too (Thank you) 

Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine Talipes clubfoot 

Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine Talipes clubfoot 
If you want to read the whole story properly go to your local newsagents & get a copy. You'll see Hugo & myself in there too!!

Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine Talipes clubfoot 

Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine Talipes clubfoot 

Happy Easter - Egg Hunt in the house Easter Bunny

Happy Easter - Egg Hunt in the house Easter Bunny 


Helping the easter bunny last night

I grew up with the easter bunny coming, he would hop through our house leaving cadburys creme eggs everywhere. With my two sisters & I running around the house there would always be that last egg none of us would find.... well until the following year when we find it & it had half melted..

As my two are still young & we don't live in a massive house I thought it would be better to do the picture game & with eggs. They started with a bag of eggs & a picture by our bed & then they had to go picture to picture to area of house... 

It worked really well.

Later on I'm hoping it stays dry enough for us to have an egg hunt in the garden or we may do that tomorrow. 

We've not really got much planned for today apart from seeing family, going to church & then chilling out. 

Tomorrow should be fun though off to a farmers market & big vintage jumble sale I'm excited !! 

Finished the easter egg hunt 

Yummy chocolate for breakfast ...  

Easter Sunday Giveaway Sticky9 Magnets Instagram Pictures

"We are... small but *perfectly* formed"

*** GIVEAWAY ***

So what is Sticky9?

It's YOUR Instagram pictures being brought to life of course...
This is mine : Review coming up shortly! 

My Sticky9 magnets 

Happy Street 

CARS  Sticky9
Go on bring your Instagrams to life!

Happy Easter 

Enter below - For your chance to win one set of 9 magnets 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy, Wembley Arena

On Thursday 17th April we went to see Disney on Ice in Wembley. 
Nanna had bought us all tickets for the children's birthdays. 
The whole experience was amazing. 
Mic & I had never been to anything like it I think we were more excited than the children. 
Well until Cars came on!... 
Disney On Ice
Its started with Mickey & minnie mouse coming out on the ice & their car breaking down!
The children screamed with excitement, I think at times it was so overwhelming for them they all sat mouth opened in breath taking silence of what was going on in front of their eyes.
Little soldiers from Toy story.
We saw Cars, The Little Mermaid, Tinker-bell & Toy Story
You can take a look & buy tickets HERE

Hugo seeing BUZZ! 
You can watch the video of their reactions HERE

All the cousins together with their flashing lights ready for the show


early morning Emilyn is so excited to go to Disney ! 

With their ears on...

Little Mickey Mouse

The potato heads were so cute! 

The End...

Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy - Video of Emilyn & Hugo's reaction to the TOY STORY Team...

Swim Swim Swim & West Central Cafe Review Easter Holidays day 10

Today we went to Redhill (I grew up in Reigate) so I still have friends in the area. 
We decided to take the children swimming, To Donyings, I learnt to swim in that swimming pool & now I'm teaching E to swim in the very same pool. 

West Central 

Beware when you go to the toilets this guy is in there too! 

Swim Swim Swim 

Before we went swimming we needed lunch & we found this fabulous cafe/coffee shop called West Central. It was like being in Brighton not Redhill... The coffee was amazing the lunch was amazing & it had a play area for the little ones. Couldn't of asked for anything better really.
West Central 

West Central

West Central coffee shop
 Then we walked to Donyings - Emilyn & Hugo had a little bit of spending money & so E bought herself some new goggles. She loves her goggles.
The pool was pretty much EMPTY its Easter Holidays !. CRAZY! -
but being empty was good. The children actually began to trust the water. 
it was amazing. 
Hugo was jumping here there & everywhere too. 
Playing on the froggy floats. 
I had my two best friends & my sister with me thus meaning I was able to sneak off to the adult pool & actually have a SWIM! It was amazing. I miss swimming so much. 

Emilyn & Hugo with Emma

Aunty Rach with Hugo & his goggles...

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