Alphabet Wall Decor

Last year I showed you 'my take on the Alphabet Wall' with the grey background, since then I rearranged the children's room & needed to the re-do the alphabet wall. 

Started with a plain white wall.
Putting the alphabet pieces in place with masking tape

I stuck all the letters in place with masking tape 

Finished alphabet wall art

Alphabet wall

Alphabet wall

Alphabet wall

Alphabet Wall 
Corner of the room alphabet wall

My Nametags

With my two going back to School next week I thought it was about time to start doing the name tags....I came across My 

Why I chose My Nametags...

My Nametags revolutionary new colour stickers can be used everywhere, on clothes and equipment. Combined with a unique choice of 100s of designs, backgrounds and colours, your child will have a fully personalised product that is easy to identify.

No need to iron-on or sew on labels

With My Nametags new colour stickers, there is no need to either iron- on or sew on the name tags. You can just apply a sticker to the clothing washing label, and it will stay on in wash again and again. What was once a chore is now a quick and easy job.

Making sure you are a satisfied customer

My Nametags uses an independent company called Feefo to ask our customers to rate our service. You can click on the feefo logo in the upper right hand side of the website to read the summary or the individual feedback from customers. We are very happy that our customers are rating us highly and keep coming back.

Order labels

To design your own name tags, please click here

What I love

You can personalise them - Emilyn chose Princess crown & Hugo chose a Tractor, they are amazed that they helped personalise them.
We have stuck them on everything, shoes, bags, clothes & washed all the clothes & the name tags are still on. 

I really enjoyed putting their name tags on all their school clothes. 

So satisfying & quick & easy.

Will be ordering from Mynametags again for sure.

Fit in your car Thursday! Bugaboo Buffalo and the Ford Fiesta #FIYCT

Fit in your car Thursday.
Yes it's that time of the week again. The weeks fly by! 
Will a Bugaboo Buffalo fit? Will my Cybex Pallas car seat fit? Is the seat belt long enough? Is the boot big enough?
If you want to see if one of my buggies will fit in any particular car give me an email to ask at

This week i'm using my normal every day car (Yes it's small) its a squash to fit all of us in but I love my little red car. New car next week (it's bigger)

What Car : Ford Fiesta 

What Buggy : Bugaboo Buffalo (back wheels removed) & Quinny Yezz

What car seats : Cybex Pallas & Kiddy Guardian Pro 2

I have managed to fit two buggies in my boot as well as all the other bits I found in my car... Ford Fiesta

Both children's seats fit perfectly.

Bugaboo Buffalo & quinny Yezz in the boot (The buffalo had to have one back wheel removed.)

Then just the Bugaboo Buffalo in the ford fiesta boot. 
I am truly amazed at just how big the bugaboo buffalo is yet it can happily squeeze into all these little cars.
Next week I'll show you what you can fit into a Audi TT - I think you might be in for a shock.....

If you want to link up your own fit in your car Thursday go ahead I'd love to see what you can fit into your car... 

The struggle that comes with Talipes

I know I should stay positive. Stay positive for my boy. Last night I sat listening to H scam for 3 hours solid. WHY? Because he had his boots on. No bar JUST HIS BOOTS. As I'm awaiting his new ADM's (Boots without a bar) I thought I'd see how well we would cope without the bar. WHY? Well because he normally shouts & screams for me to remove his BAR. So WHY did he scream so much telling me...
"My feet hurt Mumma"
"My knees hurt Mumma"
"Boots off mumma"
Listening then to my daughter (who unfortunately shares a room with H) saying "Mumma I can't do this anymore, please Mumma take the pain away from him, Mumma this no fair"
I held E's hand & said "Now darling you've got to be brave for your little brother, You've got to tell him how brilliant he is for keeping his boots on he'll go to sleep soon poppet don't you worry."

Literally feels like my heart is breaking for him.
Totally the hardest thing I've ever had to keep up with.

I still struggle to talk about it to people too, This is where my blog comes in so handy. getting everything out of my head into words onto the screen.

I don't expect other people to really understand when I say - He screams for three hours then perhaps falls asleep for 20 minutes to then wake up screaming again this is repeated time after time all night.

I can feel myself going towards that dark hole, that dark tunnel where I desperately don't want to go.
But i'm getting brought closer & closer to it.

The lack of sleep. The screaming from Hugo. How am I going to manage another 2+ years of this without breaking?

Cinema for under £6 for a family of 4! Movies for Juniors

We went to see Maleficent for under £6! 
Yes you heard correctly this weekend we went to the cinema for under £6 for our whole family this included a box of popcorn & a drink! 
We had been wanting to go see Maleficent for such a long time. However if we were to go with the normal prices a family of four would cost in excess of £25+... this turns into an expensive day out.
Take a look at your Movies for Juniors Perfect for my two year old & four year old. 
So if you want to introduce your children to the exciting world of cinema? Then get involved with Movies For Juniors, their discounted weekly screenings of kids films at Cineworld Cinemas. For just £1.50 (only £3.00 for 3D!) choose from their selection of lively kids movies, from animated films to live action spectacles. Register your details with mycineworld and sign up to receive exclusive film time emails, news and offers. 
Cinema time Movies for juniors 
Screenings take place most weekend and school holiday mornings at selected Cineworld cinemas. Subtitled performances available at selected cinemas.


Despite parents’ best efforts to keep their children entertained over the summer holidays, the majority of youngsters still can’t wait to get back to school – for the love of their friends and a  new pencil case.

A survey over the summer holidays from Smiggle, one of the UK’s boldest and brightest children’s stationery manufacturers, has revealed that far from dreading their first day back in the classroom, youngsters actually can’t wait.

Of a total of 150 parents questioned, 66 per cent (99) revealed that their child or children are itching to get back into their uniform, despite their virtuous efforts to keep them occupied for six weeks.

Two-thirds of primary school parents admitted that the prospect of seeing classroom friends, coupled with a new pencil case, was too compelling for their little boy or girl (aged four to 10).

Of those parents who admitted that their children were hankering after the classroom, 87 per cent (130) said seeing fellow friends was the main reason for wanting to return, with the prospect of a shiny pencil case almost as compelling, with 80 per cent (120) citing this as a secondary factor.

Virtually all parents questioned (93 per cent) said that they would be purchasing a brand new pencil case and rucksack for the new school year, in an attempt to ‘set the tone’ and encourage learning.

And 76 per cent of parents said that their child had a favourite pencil, pen and rubber, which they would not want to do their homework without.

Smiggle’s marketing manager Emma Fulford said: “As a children’s stationery retailer, we were keen to find out how children are feeling at this time of year, but even we didn’t think they’d be quite so keen to go back to school!

“We thought that they’d miss their parents too much, not to mention the memories and good times that they may have had over the summer break, but this doesn’t appear to be the case.

“Interestingly, it seems that many youngsters have an attachment and affinity to their stationery, which is a point that Smiggle takes seriously when developing innovative new products for boys and girls.

“It was also nice to read that they are keen to see their class-mates again and even more encouraging for us that they can’t wait to get their hands on a new pencil case, which we are experts in.”

For a bit of fun, Smiggle also asked parents if their children would steal a class-mate’s pen if they lost their own.

Eighty-three per cent emphatically said no, which either suggests that the youngest generation are an honest bunch, or that their parents are too proud to admit otherwise!

Smiggle is dedicated to fuelling youngsters’ creative spirit by creating original, fun and affordable stationery. The brand’s products are all focused around bold colour, quirky graphics, good value, innovation and most of all – giving fans the tools they need to have fun.

For more information about Smiggle and its infectious stationery products, visit

No sew - waterproof bunting

Love them.

As simple as it sounds. 
No sew bunting. 
All you need : 

Glue gun
Oilcloth Remnants

Draw the triangle size you wish your bunting to be.

I went for small for some bunting to go into the woods.
flags all ready 

Cut out all the flags

Glue gun the string to the oil cloth flags
Glue on the string


Love them.

Waterproof bunting

no sew bunting

Birthday Wish List for a 5 year old

Emilyn's Birthday is coming up. She will be 5! Where does the time go?

So what do you get a little girl who has everything?
You must know how much I love wooden toys? Here's the link to their Christmas list
I'm totally in-love with the range Mulberry Bush range at the moment, well it's no surprise really they've always been beautiful.
Here's Emilyn's Birthday Wish List, She sat down with me & pointed at the things she loves! I used to 'circle' the things I wanted for my birthday in the 'Index' catalogue... how times have changed.

Fairy Skittles - Just £7.99

Wooden beauty set £14.99 I love this set don't blame Emilyn for picking it.

Bake & decorate Cupcakes so cute £17.99

Daisy tabletop cooker £35.00

Wooden cash register Emilyn loves playing shops £25.00

Just how beautiful Bay Tree House £95

Rope Ladder - Emilyn said she loves this she wants it in the woods so cute - £12.99
Emilyn's words "this is the most awesome thing ever!" £49.00
I love that Emilyn loves cars - a magnetic car loader £16.99
glow magical unicorn pillow pet £19.99

Lego Movie watch £19.99
Emilyn's a girl who knows what she wants ... bless her so sweet listening to her telling me what she wants for her birthday.

You can build your own Wishlist here

Baby and Toddler Show 2 tickets to Giveaway - you chose from Manchester or Bluewater!

I've teamed up with Baby & Toddler show to bring you guys the chance to 'win' 2 tickets! Yes we are just giving them away. You will be able to chose if you wish to attend the Manchester  26th to 28th September 2014 or Bluewater 10th to 12th October 2014 show. 
As you probably know, the show attracts the biggest baby and toddler brands, who will be showcasing their latest products at great prices and even offering you all the opportunity to try them for yourself. There will also be a selection of experts who will be speaking at the Expert Advice Workshops throughout the three days and they will be available to answer any questions you may have.
You can get more information about Baby and Toddler show *here 
Good Luck - UK only sorry - Ends 5th September 2014 winners will be picked at random with Rafflecopter

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fit in your car Thursday! Bugaboo Buffalo and the Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris

A new weekly link up that will be on my blog - Fit in your car Thursday.
Pretty much what it says on the tin. I will bring you each week a car, with that car I will show you what I can fit in to it.
Will a Bugaboo Buffalo fit? Will my Cybex Pallas car seat fit? Is the seat belt long enough? Is the boot big enough?
It's a big deal. You need to know what buggy will fit in your car. Well each week I'll bring you this :

Also if you are thinking about buying a new buggy pop me an email & see if I can test it out on a car similar to the one you own.

What Car : Toyota Yaris

What Buggy : Bugaboo Buffalo (back wheels removed) & Quinny Yezz

What car seats : Cybex Pallas & Kiddy Guardian Pro 2

It fits ! Shocked face right... how surprised was I to see the Bugaboo Buffalo (one of the biggest buggies) will fit in a teeny tiny Yaris Boot.
The Yaris is super clever though - you see you can manoeuvre the back seat to give you a bigger boot. HOW PERFECT. This is the mark one Toyota Yaris.

Both car seats fit too - it is a squeeze but they fit.

I even managed to fit the Quinny Yezz into the boot, as well as the Bugaboo Buffalo.! 
Next week I'll show you what you can fit into a Ford Fiesta - do you think the Buffalo will fit??

If you want to link up your own fit in your car Thursday go ahead I'd love to see what you can fit into your car... 

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