Exhausting ADM Talipes Boots on, Boots off and so fourth

As the title suggests... My nights have changed. The tantrums have dissolved to crying & then he magically manages to get his ADM boots off in a flash. All I hear is two little thumps to the floor. Then I know his boots are off. 
I've decided to put them back on him once he's gone back to sleep. 
(good idea) or so I thought. 
I seem to now be awake more of the night then ever before. 
I put his boots on, he somehow in his sleep state manages to take them back off an hour or so later? 
I then hear through the monitor the boots falling to the floor, then yep you guessed it I go in & put them back on him. 
I'm hoping somewhen a time will come that he doesn't wake up to take them off. That he will manage to sleep all night with them on. 
Hopefully soon. 

Won't cost the earth - benefits of LED lights...

Won't Cost the Earth - An infographic by LightBulbs-Direct to promote the Benefits of LED Bulbs for ‘Big Energy Saving Week’. To view the full image click here.

Tutankhamun had club foot and was the product of incest, according to new documentary

You can tell it's Tuesday. I was made aware of this article from my Happy Feet Talipes mums with morning, whilst I had a leisurely lay in bed with my coffee (Children have an inset day)... I almost spat my coffee out with anger reading this atrocious article. 
Well thank you Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, The mirror... Article after article.... for this magnificent article. Have you seen this article? Tutankhamun (illustrated) was reliant on a walking stick thanks to his club foot, which may have been due to the fact that his parents were brother and sister - WOW JUST WOW. 
Then after 'publishing this post' I then came to find article after article about how - 

Tutankhamun had club foot and was the product of incest, according to new documentary... 

Courtesy of the Daily Mail 
As if Clubfoot children & adults don't have enough on there plate, Daily Mail is now saying clubfoot can be something to do with incest. Brilliant. 
Here's little old me sat here for the last few years trying to spread POSITIVE talipes awareness (struggling to spread it world wide) then Daily Mail come along & write this then get over 32K shares. 

So what makes the Daily Mail able to say this? What makes anyone able to say this? 

Oh you have clubfoot are you from a family of incests??? 

I don't know about you but I don't want my son to grow up being embarrassed about his feet. I want him to walk proud & share his treatment with the world. Not hide his feet in socks for the whole of his life. 

This must be written by badly informed journalists who are trying to sensationalise their articles by linking incest with clubbed feet. It's outrageous.! 

I know it's just a newspaper article, I know a lot of people will be saying "ha why are you listening to the Daily 'Fail' yet... other people are. I know I know in a way the newspaper is getting what it wants we are now sharing the article they are causing uproar within the talipes community. This is what journalists want I so totally get that. 

But when they are pulling the word clubfoot through the mud like this I as a Talipes parent will of course feel the heart strings going & I will show you I'm not happy! 

I'm not even going to read the 1k comments posted about this article either. 

I hate hate hate bad press around Clubfoot & I will continue to try & spread positive awareness passionately through my blog....

You must remember the uproar Eastenders caused when they joked about Derek Branning having clubfoot  "Programme (Eastenders) watch from 26:40 http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01l8nkj/EastEnders_23_07_2012/  
I as a mother almost cried for my son. As if life won’t be hard enough for him, that he will have to contend with Programmes mocking clubfoot.
if you can’t get on to Iplayer to watch the clip - it was when they were on the tube and were talking about the football match it’s what started the fight as Max Branning said something like Derek was useless because he had a clubfoot and he argued that he didn't he had fallen arches and then jack joined in mocking him and then they started fighting like it was something to be embarrassed about, I personally dislike the word clubfoot, i feel it is a non-politically correct term to use these days, i personally feel it is a very derogatory term to use,"

Eastenders never to this day apologised about it. 

English National Opera - Couple time

It's a rare occurrence now for Mr.H & I to get time together, days out now include Peppa pig world & legoland, Farms, going to the local Zoo & child friendly restaurants. 

Now I'm not moaning I love to see the smiley Peppa pig & the condescending Mummy pig every few months. I do really. To see the children's faces light up I'd quite frankly go round & round the bubble works ride in disneyland. "It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all..." ringing through my head for days on end. I live to make my children happy. To try & give them the best childhood ever. 

However we all need couple time. Couple time to remember the times before these little people came along. Time before you could have a conversation & finish each sentence without being interrupted with "Mumma look at me, Mumma look at this, Mumma what are you saying?" 

This is where the ENO Coliseum comes in, Our life at times needs just adult time. 

I crave husband time, I see him briefly each day but with two children pulling at my legs, covering me in snot & whatever else is around their mouths.  The marriage of Figaro  is the most perfect place to go to regain that much needed couple time.
To dress up & have a few glasses of vino to be surrounded by other adults. Children under 5 will not be allowed in. (Perfect) 

The marriage of figaro is on from the 16th October 2014 - 23 November 2014 to book your tickets click here 

World-first film aims to improve children’s oral health

World-first film aims to improve children’s oral health

A film which is the first of its kind in the world, is to receive its debut in Plymouth on Wednesday 22 October.
“Open Wide and Step Inside” has been produced by the Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise, Peninsula Dental School and Plymouth University, with financial support of £105,000 from the worldwide Wrigley Company Foundation and toothbrushes and toothpaste donated by GSK.
The film is the first in the world to use immersive vision technology (where the film is shown in a ‘dome’ theatre with images all around the audience) to engage with five to seven-year olds about looking after their teeth. This is a key age group, because by seven children should be starting to clean their teeth without supervision and making good choices about what they eat and drink, and when.
“Open Wide and Step Inside” has been created by dental specialists because figures regarding children’s oral health would suggest that other ways to encourage better cleaning, improved diet and frequent visits to the dentist are not working. Two reports this year into the state of children’s teeth made shocking reading: the first stated that more children are admitted to hospital for dental problems than for any other health issue; and the second said that 12 per cent of three-year olds across the country had experienced tooth decay.
The film comes with an educational pack for teachers and goodie bags for pupils.
Central to the plot is Geoffrey the Giant who, with his friend Mouse, lives in the iconic Smeaton Tower on The Hoe in Plymouth. Geoffrey has been eating too many sweets and drinking too many fizzy drinks, hasn’t been cleaning his teeth properly and has not visited the dentist – and he has a toothache.
His friend Mouse persuades him to visit Daisy the Dentist who, with her magic wand which turns into dental instruments, finds the problem and gives Geoffrey a filling. Along with speaking teeth, Fluoride the Superhero and a catchy song, “Open Wide and Step Inside” looks set to make an important contribution to oral health education around the world.
The cast of the film includes members of staff from the Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise and Peninsula Dental School. The main character Geoffrey is played by Mark Bignall from rehabilitation charity Hamoaze House. The animation has been created by the TELMeD team at Plymouth University, who usually produce e-learning tools used to teach medical and dental students.
The film has also included pupils from High Street, Ford and St. Joseph’s primary schools in Plymouth, who formed the choir for the film’s song.
The debut for the film will take place in the immersive vision theatre on the Plymouth University campus on Wednesday 22 October, when it will be shown to 40 local school children plus their teachers and classroom assistants.
After that there will be a series of showings for other schoolchildren both at the immersive vision theatre and in a mobile immersive vision unit.
Dr. Robert Witton, Director of Social Engagement and Community-based Dentistry, Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise, said: “We are incredibly excited about “Open Wide and Step Inside” – we are really breaking new ground in oral health education here. Recent reports show that there is still more to be done to help children and those who care for them protect their teeth and improve their oral health. While methods to date have gone some way to address these issues, there is a need for new, innovative approaches and we think our film is one of those. Our thanks go to the Wrigley Foundation, local schools and the TELMeD team at Plymouth University for helping Geoffrey and his friends make it to the big immersive screen.”

Fortnightly ADM boots check up

This morning we went back to the hospital to visit Hugo's physio's.
I got him to walk in with his ADM's on (Moon boots) to show that he doesn't hate them. 
We've had a rough time to say the least & I'm today feeling totally at my wits end with it all. 
Do you remember me telling you about our first night with the ADM's?
I tried for hours & hours to get him to keep them on. 
It was awful. 
Night after night has simply gone a very similar way. (Yawn)
I'm now started to doubt myself... asking myself questions...
todays appointment 16 october 2014
What have I done wrong? 
Could I of done something differently? 
Why does he hate having his treatment?
So many questions I feel as though I'm failing him. 
Well I have failed him, I should of done more to keep them on him. 
So after today's appointment I really need to buckle down & get him to keep these boots on!! 
We've put an extra padding on the back of them. 
I'm literally going to bandage them up & pray things get easier quickly. 

Boots and bar & the ADM boots.
I will even give him the choice of boots, if you wants the bar he can wear the bar, if you just wants the boots he'll just get the boots.

I'll be taking him back in two weeks, to see how he's going. 

I've got a Poorly puppy *Coco the Cavapoo

Coco my 10 week old Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles cross poodle)
Got quite poorly over the weekend & on Sunday night I noticed she was passing blood in her poo. So I stayed up with her all night, In her self she was still bright & happy, wanting to play & then sleep for hours (all very normal) The following day when it wasn't getting any better, I had a quick google yes I know *never google anything medical!!* However I'm glad I did as everything I read said Puppies/dogs are not meant to bleed (even after food change) So I rang our vets & they agreed I should bring her in.
Coco the Cavapoo

Rushing round to get the children from school & then arrive at the vets in time. The vet said she was ok & the blood can be caused by stress or it may be something more serious. (she is in the process of having all her vaccinations, worming & flea medicine)
We were sent home with some new food to settle her tummy & some medicine.
Also three pots to get *poop samples Yuck.
It's now Wednesday & after spending all Monday night with her on the sofa & clearing up lots of awful poops she seems much much much better. No more blood & poos are firmer (always good to discuss poo on a wednesday)

Annoyingly our Pet Insurance won't cover anything as it is in the 14 days of having her home & our vet insurance won't cover it as we went in on Saturday with her having an upset tummy (due to food change we think) So they say they can't cover a pre-existing illness....

So annoying!!

Coco the Cavapoo
This having a puppy stuff can be hard.

Never ignore blood in the poo when a puppy especially.

Hoping she has a quick recovery, It's all been very worrying.

The clocks are going back – but there will always be light with Smiggle

The clocks are going back –
but there will always be light
            with Smiggle

Those dusky afternoons have turned to night and 
winter is creeping ever nearer.

The days are getting shorter and the nights
are drawing in. But, with this colourful range
of products, there’s no excuse for keeping up
to date with the changing times in style.

Talking 2tone Clock £16.50 

Waking up is always a killer isn’t it? Well, actually,
nope. Hate that ‘beep, beep, beep’ of your alarm clock
telling you to wake from your snooze? Obviously!
Well, no more. This baby will get your day off to a
bright start, whatever the time. Want to record your
kids’ concert? Your favourite song? A little message
to yourself to start the day with a smile? Do it!

Is it 9am? Or 8am? There’s nobody who hasn’t been
there. The clocks havc changed and the day starts
in a fuzz. Well, don’t fret. You want to know the
time? This gadget will not only tell you, but project
it on to the ceiling just to make you totally sure.

The days are becoming shorter and the nights
are drawing in but the days will always be bright
with this funky watch. These products are as cool
as the temperatures usually are when it’s time to
turn back the clocks. Available in five colours.

Quite literally turn back the clocks with this little fella. 
This retro watch is inspired by designs from times gone by.    
And, just to be smart, it doubles up as a calculator too.

FaceGlitter £7.50
Keep up with the changing times.
And look damn cool while you do it. The
winter nights are drawing in but there’s
nothing a bit of glitter can’t solve. And
with colourful designs of rainbows and
flowers, it will be summer all year round.

WatchPop And Swap Face Glow £7.50        
So, those winter months are drawing
even closer. But there will always
be light in the darkness  with this
glow-in-the-dark watch face.

Watch Pop And Swap Slap Band £5/
Watch Pop And Swap Slap Heart £5/
Watch Pop And Swap Slap Flower £5
Topping off a funky watch face with a boring strap
would be like teaming a designer suit with a pair of
pumps from Primark. No! But, don’t worry, Smiggle
has it covered. From bold designs to colourful
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the perfecr accompaniment to our many watch
faces. And, for those ol’ romantics, there’s even
bands with a cute heart or flower-shaped centre.

Born and bred in Australia, Smiggle is now 11 years old, with over 160 stores across Australia,  New Zealand, Singapore. Smiggle are NOW
heating up the UK. 2014, their first year here, has seen them open to date, 10 stores, with a further 8 stores due to open before Christmas.

Where a smile meets a giggle,
it’s the world’s greatest place.

For more information on Smiggle’s great
range of Halloween inspired products, visit
www.smiggle.co.uk or conract us now!
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